Data Transfer

Get the Internet at warp speed - along with exciting personalized features and perks that take advantage of your fast new connection. With SBC Yahoo! DSL service you'll enjoy:

Personalized Homepage
Customize your homepage and do everything--email, Webcam, instant messenger, calendar--without leaving your computer.
Customized SBC Yahoo! DSL Browser
Enjoy a new browser designed to take full advantage of your fast new connection.
Set up 10 personalized sub accounts and access your mailbox online from anywhere.
Send instant text and voice messages and see your friends bigger and clearer than ever on Super Webcam.
Parental controls
Tailor each child's Internet experience easily and reliably.
Track portfolios, pay bills, get a loan, file taxes, research stocks, and plan your future.
If it happened, it's here. You can even personalize your news feed.
Follow all the real and fantasy sports action.
store and share pictures online. Combined with Briefcase, you get 110MB of storage.
You'll find it all at one of your 17,000 stores (and you'll probably find a deal).
Premium Services
Keep track of what you've ordered and get a great deal on extras, like Games On-Demand and Consumer Reports®.
Help Center
If you've got questions, we've got answers.

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